Ceramic Tile 




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Products we use to clean your floors and carpets

Hardwood Floors

You have the options of the next four selections to choose from.

1. Swiffer Sweeper Dry An Wet Products

2. Bona Hardwood Floor Products (non toxic)

3. Rejuvenate Hardwood Floor Products (when selecting rejuvenate, if you have any scratches or scrapes that you'd like to be colored in, we can handle it)

4. 1/3 of Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, and a mixture of and eye ball amount of Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner (Honeysuckle) mixed with hot water.

Ceramic Tile

1. Swiffer Sweeper Products

2. A little soap and water

3. Miracle Sealants Tile & Stone Cleaner

4. Rejuvenate Bio-Enzymatic Tile & Grout Cleaner


1. (MOST POPULAR) A Mixture Of Awesome & Oxy Cleaner With Added Hot Water

2. Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

3. Hoover 2X Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

4. Bissell Deep Clean Refresh With Spring Renewal Freshness


Quality Home Cleaners does not under any circumstances sell these products. We simply use these products for the best out come of our clients needs.