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Please read the following carefully.



If scheduled, QHC does provide over night cleanings. 

Research shows that the average hourly cleaning rate for U.S. maid cleaning services is between $25 and $45 per person per hour or $50 - $90 per hour total. Keep that in mind when getting quotes.

Per hour costs are between $50 and $90 and often include multiple cleaners. Square footage charges depend on the size of your house. For example, an area less than 1,000 square feet averages $90 while 3,000 square feet or more could cost $250. 

 $15 per room (if your master bathroom is the size of two rooms creating more windows and mirrors you will be charged twice) to clean windows and an additional $20 per room to clean sliding doors. (if you do not mention track cleaning, we are not responsible and you must still pay the quoted rate).

Beach/Water Front Properties range from $300.00 to $3,000.00 depending on how much work is needed. (beach homes are normally party homes with  unlimited horror to clean so please if this pertains to you, we will have to do a home visit or you may have to send in photos before the initial cleaning).

Because we are a genuine company, we have several different offers for you to select from. 

Offers; Build Your Package, Seniors Citizen Special (SCS), Military / Vet Discount, College Dorm  Discount, & New Client Discount. You may select which ever option fits your budget best. Note: You can not qualify for the dorm cleaning discount if you are not in a dorm! Same with all other options.


QHC is a dedicated company working and aiming to please not just the tenant, but you as well ! We know what need to be done, but if you have a specific list, then we ask that you provide that to your tenant if they call us. If it is you, whether you are the home owner, agent or etc. we ask that you provide us with the list.   Any furniture or lot of debris in the unit depending on limit will be an added cost to the quoted rate if not provided upon the scheduling. 

 PLEASE NOTE: QHC is not responsible  for any paint replacement from tape, burn marks on walls, nail holes or etc. Please keep in mind that our job is to simply clean and sanitize the property to ensure that it is, move in ready for your next tenant! We ask that you keep in mind that we are hard workers who sometimes spend over twelve hours on one home depending on how the last tenants left the property. With that being said, please do not be rude, nasty, or anything other than pleasant as we have the right to leave the job at once, keep payment( if paid in advance) or bill you and take you to court. We are professionals and we ask that you simply let us perform our duties as we know how.  

MOST IMPORTANT: Unless you were quoted a rate for the outside of the property, we are not responsible for any left behind  debris!

It is important to know what all do we do and what we do not do! If you schedule a cleaning and you did not ask us to provide a certain service, then please do not expect it to be done. This gives us  a hard time and we have a schedule to keep. QHC will also no longer work for any of your properties in the near future.

QHC thanks everyone for their cooperation!


We except cash, cash app, money orders, and credit cards. 

(sorry, no personal checks) 

QHC does not accept any form of NET payments. All payments are due immediately upon receiving invoice. If your invoice is late, there will be an additional $45.00 a day late fee charge added to your invoice balance due. Thank You in advance!

One Of Our 2019 specials of the year as a token of our gratitude kicks off

with providing all of our new clients with 10% off and existing clients with  $80.00 general upkeep cleaning (1 1/2 hrs) max! Seniors rate is $60.00 call in to see if you qualify. YOU CAN NOW BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS.

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(Military Discount)

Here you will find the services in which you may be of interest.  Flat rates are available for all household services needed even if it is a one time cleaning  or more than once in a week cleaning. Note:  All homes are different sizes and have either more or less work than others, so keep in mind that you may have to call in to get an estimate or schedule someone to come out and view the property for a correct and exact estimate depending on what your personal needs are. After all, we are your personal maid service.

Note 1: Please be aware, and we can not stress this enough, extra services such as cooking, running errands,  and lawn care will have an additional fee added to your billing statement or and receipt. We do ask that you have the payment on the kitchen counter along with a list of anything you would like to be left alone or etc. If you have any kind of pets what so ever as we do not mind, please be kind and put them a side. We must work in safe environments only.



One time, weekly,bi-weekly, monthly,move in/out, laundry services(in home), errand services, meal prep, organization help + Event set up/take down/clean up.

Note 2: If you are interested in a complete restoration of your commercial kitchen please have ready the following...

List: 1. A manager or supervisor must be on site to let us in so that we may discuss the process of what we will be doing at that date and time as most of these deep cleanings do take more than one session.

2. Knowing that we are scheduled to clean, you must have food out of the dispensers in order for them to be cleaned and sanitized.

 3. All food in the fridge must be covered! We can not stress this enough!! QHC will not spray, clean or sanitize any shelving, walls, or floors.

4. Prepping for QHC is among the most importance. You must not have the gas stove on, black grease in the deep fryer still on or any other fire hazards at hand. No chemicals will be any where near these items as it is in our best interest to keep a safe work zone for all of QHC employees and for the business we are cleaning for.

A manager or supervisor shall be on the premises at all time in case we have questions or need help with something.

5. We are true miracle workers yes this is true, however we can not have the job complete in one day. Perfection takes time! You must be willing to accept that.

Offers you can't beat

One stop shop!

1 Bed Room Loft/Apartment/Home

The rate for the cleaning of the entire square foot of this property is $70.00 an hr. or the flat rate of 140.00.

2Bed Room Loft/Apartment Home

The rate for the cleaning  of the entire square foot of this property is $ 80.00 an hr. or the flat rate  of $160.00

3Bed Room



The rate for the cleaning of the entire square foot of this property is $90.00 an hr. or the flat rate of 180.00 

4Bed Room



Because of the difference in the possible square footage of the four bed room, the rate to clean the entire home would be the amount of $120.00 an hr. or the flat rate of $240.00

5Bed Room



Because of the difference in the possible square footage of the four bed room, the rate to clean the entire home would be the amount of $140.00 an hr. or the flat rate of $280.00

6Bed Room



Because of the difference in the possible square footage of the four bed room, the rate to clean the entire home would be the amount of $180.00 an hr or the flat rate of $360.00

What our customers are saying

Dear Quality Home Cleaners, i am very pleased to say that we will continue to use your family services from here on out. No other service  is like this in the Hampton Roads area. You offer so many things my family needed in one company that i don't need to look anywhere else. As i said before, we are amazed! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Sincerely, the Romano Family.

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